Monday, 10 March 2014

Why minimalism?

As early as 23, I have what most of the ladies at my age do not have.

I have a stable job in a bank, managerial level.

I can afford to stay in a whole house on my own.

I have my own car, a car from my own pocket. Without a single cent from my parent or siblings. I got a my car without a guarantor.

Well.. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Len, from Malaysia. In Malaysia, if your income is not strong enough, you will need a guarantor to get a loan for purchasing a car.

I can pretty much handle everything in my own. I stayed in 2 rooms apartment alone.
I pay the bills all on my own.

With that freedom of having a house, I fill one of the room with my clothes and another room for me to sleep. Such a heaven!

I've got everything a reasonable human being wants.
Job, a house and a car. But.... what do I feel with that?

I feel empty... I keep buying new things as a therapy.
There are times, I tell myself "I want to be successful and RICH!"

But then again... I imagine myself being super rich. Would that really make me happy? Fulfilled?
The answer is no!

Every day, after a long day at work I will drive back home.
When I see the THINGS at my home, I feel extremely annoyed.

This is too much! Too many stuffs!! That I don't even need at all!
I never use and will never use!

I tried so hard to stop buying things, but I could never refrain myself from
doing so.

At one point, I feel that there is nothing in this world can fill the 'empty' feeling in my life.
That 'empty' feeling is the hunger for more. I could never stop that 'hunger' for more of everything.
It is exactly like I don't want anything, I just want EVERYTHING!

And I clearly aware that is never gonna happen.

But if that is not gonna happen? What can I do?
How am I going to be happy if this craving for more would never stop!?
Think Len! Think!

So I 'Googled'... ' How to be happy in life?'

After months of looking for the best way to be happy... I found MINIMALISM.

Oh yea.. you might think that I should find a soulmate for fulfill the incompleteness.
That could be the reason why I felt not complete.

But I had a boyfriend back then and it does not make any difference at all.

Therefore, back to MINIMALISM again.

Maybe I should get married? Hmmm... nay!
Married people like Joshua Becker, and Minimalist Mom still need minimalism.

So... again, back to MINIMALISM.