Monday, 13 May 2013

Can I be a minimalist in Malaysia?

Can I be a minimalist in Malaysia?

It should be easy if I were to live in the rural area (including the village of my host).
But how about my host's location now? Damansara.

I need car to move around, I need house and I need a job to pay for all of that.

Can I let go of the car? I am not ready for that yet.

Can I let go of all the fun of watching movies, karaoke, gym and delicious food? Not yet!

But I know, one day... I will let go of all of that (including my car)

I will figure out how to do all of that.. because if I were to travel around the world, I shouldn't have a car.

" Nothing is Impossible"


  1. minimalist doesnt mean we need to throw away everything, to the point that we cant live and earn a decent living and be part of our community.We need to change gradually.Perhaps, 1st step towards being a minimalist is to de clutter your home,starting with your wardrobe.We need to be practical too. Owning a simple and reliable is a minimalist , but owing 2 cars and you use for weekend drive, is extravagance. for example,A minimalist may just need a MYVI to move around, not a jaguar.Minimalist living can be quite subjective and differs from one person to the other.The journey is what makes the difference.Being a minimalist is actually getting rid of excesses,in terms of materially,behaviors and mindset.But dont push yourself too hard.
    I am now going through the same journey and in the midst of reducing most of my worldly possession. Whilst,others are increasing their possession , we are doing just the opposite.The benefit is peace and tranquility.There will be challenges no doubt
    Keep it up, you are on the right track.

    1. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.
      I feel glad that someone is actually reading my not-so-active blog.

  2. keep your enthusiasm burning and sustainable with continuous effort to lead a minimalist life.I hope more Malaysia will join in.

  3. I have been soul searching for quite sometime and for mysterious reason i start to see living minimal is one of the way to become alive again. Im decluttering my work desk before clocking off today. And letting go my collections from ebay, because the only moment i enjoy it when i clicked the buy button in ebay. Life is simple no? We made it hard.

  4. Been a Minimalist since I entered Uni, trust me. Once you reach your 'home based'.
    It's not easy to clean up all your stuff.

    Tried to remove it but it somehow appear again because my parents keep it as a memories.

    The only stuff am able to get rid is my clothes and personal stuff that I don't use.

    As long you live a minimal life, enjoy simple thing and appreciate tiny detail.
    I haven't bought anything 'fancy' since am back home after study and working in Melbourne and Tokyo.

    1. Hi,

      Such a good feeling isn't it.
      I did buy fancy stuffs though but those that really bring values into my life.

      For example, apple products are not necessary but I do really get value from some of their product. Not all.

  5. Hi Len. How has this journey changed you?

    1. OMG! It has been so long.

      This journey has changed me in many ways. But if I were to pick one - it would be ; FEAR. I GOT RID OF FEAR.

      I now know my limits, my bare minimum cost for living excluding the not necessary. Because of that I no longer fear failure in my career. I only focus to thrive in my intentional goals and be happy about it.

      Please feel free to reach me if you have more questions.